“Taylor Justin is a Chicago-based sales and marketing leader with a curious spirit. She is an Ohio-born transplant who loves to vintage shop, museum hop, and live “like a local” in every city she visits. She is fueled by creativity, and partners with clients to lead programs from concept to completion.

Taylor graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Fashion Marketing and Management and from the University of Chicago with a certificate in Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications. She is also the President of the National Sales Network, Chicago Chapter a membership-based non-for-profit that leads conversations of diversity and inclusion and is the founder and Cultural Curator of The Haute Seeker.com, a lifestyle blog that seeks out the unseen in Chicago and around the world.

She has extensive experience in the luxury fashion, furniture, food service, and non-profit industries.”

About National Sales Network:

National Sales Network Chicago Chapter, LLC(NSN). is a membership-based non for profit that leads conversations of diversity and inclusion. NSN create skill-building workshops, career-building development seminars, and networking events for sales and sales management professionals and individuals who want to improve their professional sales skills.

Our organization has 20 different chapters across the nation and connects you with over 50k+ diverse professionals.

To connect with our organization and to attend an upcoming event in a city nearest you, visit our website at https://www.salesnetwork.org/

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