Though Keegan did not expect it at the time, now looking back at all of the signs it is clear that a career in sales and sales leadership would be the perfect fit for her.

In her younger years, she built a small sales business with a friend and was consistently motivated by making commissions by doing additional chores around the house. In her teen years when she stepped up as an intern leader even though she was the youngest on the team and also found she loved being customer-facing.

And lastly, when choosing a college she pushed herself out of her current comfort zone with the goal of expanding her network to widen her scope of life and experience the unknown.

Within weeks of graduating college, Keegan stepped into a sales role knowing nothing at all and crossed her fingers hoping she could succeed so she could live in Chicago and provide for herself.

It was not easy and often came down to her core fundamentals including keeping a positive mindset, staying accountable to her word, working as hard as she could, and learning all she could. What felt impossible on day one into a 7.5-year career and14 different roles with one company.

The breadth of roles she held and the plethora of experiences she had built the foundation for Keegan to have the confidence to spread her wings and, in tandem, focus on two things she cares most about, living a full adventure-filled life and contributing to the growth of a meaningful company.

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