Jackie is an Executive & Leadership and works exclusively with women who are aspiring leaders and who are looking for the next opportunity and need that extra push to realise how accomplished & extraordinary they already are.

Leadership isn’t something you’re ever really taught. If you’re lucky enough to have a mentor at work then you have support while you’re learning, but often women learn through trial and error.

Jackie understands the challenges that women face in the workplace today and uses her experience to support the women she works with. She started her career as a nurse and has 30 years’ experience of managing & leading teams in a variety of roles & workplaces.

Jackie became a coach as a way to feel competent in supporting and developing her own teams in the way that they needed. In the last decade, she completed her coach training and certification, went through redundancy and the end of her marriage, supported herself financially, as well as relocated to London and made a significant career change.

Her mission is support her clients to become authentic leaders who bring all of themselves to the way they lead.

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Authentic Leadership – Bringing your whole self into how you lead The world needs more great women leaders.

When you look at yourself, do you see a leader? Or are you overwhelmed by other people’s perceptions and expectations of you as a woman in the workplace? Do you bring all of yourself into how you lead others?

Today Jackie will talk about how she helps women in the workplace maximise their talents, understand their potential and recognise their purpose.

One of the areas she is passionate about is helping women discover their own personal leadership styles and strengths as well as supporting women to believe in themselves.

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